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Catalyst is among the top 10 Personality Development Institutes Noida. It has developed a unique and innovative set of assessment tools that helps in measuring true value of various TECHNIICAL and MANAGERIAL skills of a candidate The company is regarded as one of the top corporate management training Delhi which come up with an ‘Employability Quotient’ (EmQ) for each candidate. The Employability Quotient is based on the strength of the candidate on 8 competencies such as Communication skills, Team Work, Planning and Analytical skills, Entrepreneurial Drive, Creativity, Learnability, Market Orientation and Leadership.


Catalyst Assessors are all MBAs from leading institutes of the country and with 6-8 years of relevant corporate exposure. Further, they go through a Catalyst sponsored ‘Train-the Assessor’ program to ensure consistently high quality.



Day long Assessment Centers / Development Centers conducted to assess employability. Participants observed by multiple qualified assessors over the entire day.
Assessment Center exercises tailor made to company requirements ( Typical AC  has written exercises, psychometric tools, group activities and games and personal interviews)
Detailed development report  with ‘Employability Quotient’ score prepared for each participant consisting of identification of strengths and development areas and best career fits
Forward Action Plan developed based on one to one feedback session with each candidate to ensure accountability.