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Competency Framework Development

A well defined competency model helps integrate critical HR functions and articulates the behaviours that are necessary to achieve strategic business objectives. Out approach to developing an end to end process is as follows:

  • Understanding Business Context – We analyze the present business context, strategy, long term and short term vision & values through rigorous company research and in depth interviews conducted with senior management team to identify the key skills, attitudes, knowledge, behaviour required to achieve the business outcome.
  • Creating Competency Framework – A group of competencies is carefully selected, clearly defined with a set of behaviour indicators which enable differentiating average performers from high performers. The behaviour indicators consist of behavior descriptors which are the actions required to demonstrate a particular competency.
  • Integration – Design a framework to integrate the competency model with critical HR processes like selection, performance management, training, assessment and promotion.
  • Training – Train and enable the internal HR team to roll out the competencies, review and revisit at appropriate intervals and conduct assessment/ development centres to identify potential and create leadership development plan