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4 D Model of Team Leader Effectiveness

What differentiates an effective Team Leader from an average Team Leader? What are the key roles of an effective Team Leader? A team leader is responsible for achieving team goals which is executed by the team members. How does a Leader keep his team motivated, engaged and focused on goals? The Below mentioned 4-D Model summarizes key aspects of Team Leader roles and responsibilities which will help him/ her develop a high performing team-


  • Discover – the talent, strengths & development areas of each team member.

  • Develop – their potential, leverage their strengths and help them work around improvement areas through structured learning and development programs, coaching, mentoring and providing right exposure.

  • Derive – maximum performance out of each team member focused around team goals and targets.

  • Distinguish – between team members basis performance, not everyone can or will perform at same level. Use different reward tactics. Understand and capitalize on different motivational levers.

- Rashmi Priya, Consultant, The Catalyst