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Catalyst @ Academic Arena

Catalyst is one of the fast growing training and development companies in india. The company has tied up with various academic institutions to provide ASSESSMENT, TRAINING AND RECRUITMENT services thus fulfilling its aim of making youth in India more "employable" by objectively assessing their employability skills and providing industry relevant training to bridge all skills gaps. Further, it puts these students in touch with multiple companies and helps them get recruited in the company of their choice and drive a fast-track career for themselves.

  • Assessments – through ‘CATALYST Development Centers’
  • Trainings
    • Industry relevant training modules on Soft Skills and behavioural training
    • Technical skills specific to a particular industry like Retail, FMCG, Banking Operations
  • Recruitments – Tie ups with Fortune 500 companies to meet their recruitment needs across North India

Catalyst aims to equip talented young managers with the opportunity to

  • Showcase their talent to "top employers" and
  • Get the best possible placements at the very onset of their career and
  • Be better prepared to face industry challenges and follow a steep career path

To top recruiters, Catalyst offers

  • A time-efficient, cost-effective and customized way of sourcing the best possible talent from across B-Schools and across disciplines
  • Get an early peep into brewing managerial talent through on-campus workshops, seminars etc. to train and develop the graduating to-be manager.